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Lorcana Draft med Into the Inklands!

Keep Draft(man behåller korten man draftar)

4st Into the Inklands Boosters

Kostnad: 295 kr
Rundor: 3 rundor swiss
Max antal spelare: 24

Vi använder oss av melee.gg när vi kör Lorcana event. Skapa gärna ett konto innan ankomst. Vi hjälper gärna till på plats om det behövs.

Vinnaren från varje draft podd får en Promo Holo Scrooge Mcduck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Liga info:

The Disney Lorcana League gives your players a fun and friendly way to play, trade, and collect with other Illumineers.

A League round is four consecutive weeks of play and activities.
A League season consists of three consecutive League rounds (12 weeks total).

At the end of each League round, promo cards and pins are awarded
At the end of three rounds of League play, season prizes and any remaining round prizes are awarded.

The participant with the most points is the League round winner and chooses two different promo cards.
If thereis a tie for first place, randomly select ONE of the tied first-place finishers to choose the two cards.
Players will be awarded with participants awards who earned at least 3 League points the rounds, ONE promo card(4weeks).

How Far I’ll Go promo cards
John Silver – Greedy Treasure Seeker promo cards
Kit Cloudkicker – Tough Guy promo cards
Sheriff of Nottingham – Corrupt Official promo pins
Stitch – Covert Agent promo pins

Point Awards system
Sign up for a League round........1 point
Win a match........2 points
Lose a match........1 point
Teach someone how to play Disney Lorcana in the store........2 points
Bring someone new to play in the League........1 point
Wear something with a favorite animated Disney character on it.....1 point

Tid 2024-03-27, 18:00 - 22:00
Registrering 17:30
Kostnad (på plats) 295 kr
Ansvarig Patrik Thor
Taggar Samlarkortspel, Turnering, Disney, Dragon´s Lair