Magic The Gathering: Pioneer Challenger Deck 2021 - Azorius Spirits

Magic The Gathering: Pioneer Challenger Deck 2021 - Azorius Spirits_boxshot
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Azorius Spirits

These ghosts are friendly… to you. Take to the skies with a squadron of spirits and other fliers that will bring your opponent crashing down..

Each Pioneer Challenger Deck includes a complete 60-card main deck plus a 15-card sideboard, ready to play right out of the box.


75-card preconstructed deck
60-card deck featuring cards from Return to Ravnica through Kaldheim
15-card sideboard
Up to 5 double-sided tokens (varies per deck)
1 deck box (holds 75 sleeved cards)



Creature (31)

1 Brazen Borrower

2 Mausoleum Wanderer

2 Remorseful Cleric

1 Selfless Spirit

4 Rattlechains

3 Shacklegeist

4 Supreme Phantom

2 Spell Queller

4 Spectral Sailor

4 Watcher of the Spheres

4 Empyrean Eagle

Instant (6)

4 Lofty Denial

2 Spell Pierce

Land (23)
2 Glacial Fortress
4 Temple of Enlightenment
7 Plains
10 Island

60 Cards

Sideboard (15)

2 Spell Pierce 3 Isolate 3 Aether Gust 
2 Seal Away 1 Devout Decree 2 Silkwrap 2 Light of Hope

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Avdelningar Samlarkortspel
Serier Magic: The Gathering
Tillverkare Wizards of the Coast
Speltyp Event Deck
Set Challenger Decks