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The Prague ghetto is a dark and dangerous place... and now someone started to report seeing strange, antropomorphic beings striding through the alleys.
Upgrade your Golems to exert your power and grab the resources you need and use an ancient power to keep them in line. But don’t be afraid to destroy your
clay creatures, before they escape your control and start to lay waste to the city!

1 Main board, 1 Synagogue board, 1 Synagogue structure, 15 colored marbles, 12 Action tiles, 12 Character cards, 27 Objective cards, 38 Book cards, 30
Neighborhood tiles, 4 Pass tiles, 37 Clay tokens, 37 Knowledge tokens, 37 Coin tokens, 40 Gold pieces, 4 Artifact tiles, 3 Menorah tokens, 18 Starting tiles
For each player: 1 Rabbi, 3 Students, 6 Golems, 4 Player markers, 1 Player board, 6 Artifact Development tiles, 6 Golem Development tiles, 6 Study Development tiles, 1 Summary Card
For the Automa: 20 Automa Cards, 1 Main Strategy tile, 3 Strategy tiles, 1 Resource track, 1 Resource marker, 2 Special Development tiles

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Avdelningar Brädspel
Speltyp Grundspel
Språk Engelska
Genres Historiska spel
Sektioner SciFi/Fantasy
Speldesigner Simone Luciani