World in War: Combined Arms 1939-1945

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The game explores the modern combat tactics of World War II and the usage of combined arms, with a new innovative battle system. The battle wheels for land and sea combat reduce die-rolling luck and promote the use of well-balanced forces.

Players represent German East and West fronts, the Soviet Union and the Western Powers. In the 3 and 4 player variants players have to balance co-operation with competition since only one player can win the game.
Each player has access to various resources such as different ground troops, warships, aircraft and industrial regions. In turn, each player produce new troops, move units and engage in battle when confronted with the enemy. The goal is to take control over enemy production centers.

The game is quick to learn with a comic-book tutorial and short rules, and quick to set up with starting positions illustrated on the game board.
The game includes 360 sculpted plastic playing pieces of 8 different types, a mounted game board and two mounted battle wheels, dice and markers, a comic-book tutorial and a rules booklet with historical background.


2-4 players

Age: 12+

120 mins

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Genres Strategi, Historiska spel, Konfliktspel, Andra Världskriget
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Sektioner Historiska Teman