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One victim. 15 suspects.

Every night at the Stellar Motel is a menagerie of the human condition, and you watch it all from your vantage point behind a desk and some plexiglass. Last night was different: someone was murdered, and no one seems much interested in finding out who did it or why.

One chance to get it right.

With a deck of cards, a six-sided die, a collection of dossiers and your motel ledger, you’ll track the activities of your guests night after night. You’ll sift through gossip, innuendo and what you observe on the sly to find out who these people are, the surprising ways they’re connected to each other, and who among them did the deed. As the nights wear on, doubt will creep in, and certainty will become an illusion. So build the best case you can before you point the finger. Because if you’re wrong, a killer walks free, an innocent life is ruined and your own may very well be in danger.

Key Features

  • An original rule system that uses playing cards and a six-sided die to populate your motel with Guests and generate their activities, connections, gossip, and possible motives for murder.
  • A prologue and epilogue system that generates random victims and consequences for your accusation, ensuring that no two mysteries play out exactly the same way.

No-Tell Motel is a 32-page zine written by Ken Lowery, with cover and interior art by comic artist Shawn McGuan and layout by Kelsea Zwerneman.

6.625x10.25" 32 page B&W zine

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