Digimon Card Game - Advanced Deck Set ST14

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The first Mega Deck Set in the Digimon Card Game themed around the fan favorite Beelzemon!
All cards are silver foil, and the deck is more powerful than the regular starter deck set, so even beginners can play with a strong deck right away! In addition, there is a "lucky deck" that contains special-edition cards a must have item also for collectors!

✓ This time there will be a special pre-release! - Register from 14.09.2022 to 07.10.2022 within TCG+!
Special edition cards for tournament participants and a special card with the winner foil-stamp design!

✓ Special ADVANCED DECK SET event.
This is a special event that is limited to purple color decks! Experience a unique and fun event like never before!

✓ ADVANCED DECK SET tutorial page available on the official website!
So even players that never participated in tournaments before can join and enjoy the event!

✓ Pre-release pack containing all 12 cards from ST14, plus a special card with a "BEELZEMON CUP" foil stamp!

✓ For those who were unable to attend, the same prize card will be included in the April Store Tournament kit!
*The prize card in the Tournament kit will not have the "BEELZEMON CUP" foil stamp on it.

・Pre-Constructed Deck ×1 ​
(54 cards)​
・Switch cards ×6​
・Sleeves ×60​
・Memory Gauge ×2​

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Avdelningar Samlarkortspel
Tillverkare Bandai
Set Starter Deck
Speltyp Startlek
Serier Digimon