Sharp Edge Resin DND Dice Set - Black Blue Flame

Sharp Edge Resin DND Dice Set - Black Blue Flame_boxshot
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Handmade Sparkle Resin Dice Set — The dice blends black and blue in one set and there is built-in sparkles. 

Sharp Edge DND Dice Set but Polished Well — The edges are straight and smooth, it is the same goes for the face.  Every detail is manual sanding and polishing. 

7-Die Polyhedral Dice Set with Gift Box — They will be gifted dice choice to players for campaigns or friend's birthday.

Great Rolling Feel — This dice set is a bit heavier than ordinary round-edge dice, and the sharp edge help the dice stop for a number better.

Enlarged Numbers are Easy to Read— The enlarged white numbers stands out in the dark blue dice set.

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Avdelningar Tillbehör, Rollspel
Genres Rollspel, Tärning
Speltyp Tärningar, Till spelet
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